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Private Lessons


I teach the physical aspects of Hapkido which is one of the first mixed martial arts. I teach all forms of self protection and help build confidence to use in your every day life. I also teach special breathing techniques that improve your health and boost energy levels. These techniques go back thousands of years and have been used by people of all ages and backgrounds. I teach to your specifications so call today and set up your appointment.


This is a great way to get one on one instruction and to get that attention to detail you sometimes miss in a large class. Also if you already train in the regular SinMoo Hapkido class and you need help with a particular area a private lesson will allow you to concentrate on that area so you can improve on your training. I look forward to helping with your martial art goals!

Master Chad Zwieg


Master Zwieg has 30 years of experience in Martial Arts. He will teach you to your specific specifications and help to motivate you to reach your goals. Anything I teach in the SinMoo Hapkido syllabus I can teach you in a private setting. 

What can you learn?


  • Dynamic kicking

  • Boxing/Striking 

  • Joint-locking

  • Throwing/Falling/Rolling

  • Basic self-defense

  • Special breathing/meditation

  • Weapons training 


Police, Military & Security Discount


Panther City Hapkido supports the people who protect our community and country. We would like to give back by giving discounted prices on private and group lessons in all of our Martial Arts programs. Police, military and security can all benefit from our program. Hapkido is a proven hand to hand art that will teach you to react and respond to many close quarters situations!

$30.00 One hour private lesson
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