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              Head Master Chad Zwieg


                   7th Dan Black Belt


Chad Zwieg was born in South Saint Paul, Minnesota  August of 1971. Master Zwieg grew up in a sports family. Growing up playing hockey, softball, baseball, football and tennis. His parents and older siblings always taught him in order to achieve what you want in life you need to work hard and be grateful for what you have, including good health and happiness. A Martial Art known as Taekwondo came into his life when he was 14 years old. Training 5 days a week he was able to achieve Black Belt by 16 years old. Master Zwieg graduated high school in 1989 and went in the Navy at 19 and was sent to the Persian Gulf on the U.S.S Portland in support of Operation Desert Storm. It was in the Navy that Master Zwieg received his first taste of Hapkido. After military service he read an article in a martial arts magazine on Dojunim Ji, Han Jae and Sinmoo Hapkido.  He believed this art was a perfect fit so he contacted Dojunim Ji in a letter asking to be a student. Master Zwieg then went to San Francisco in 1991 to start his journey. This was an exciting time being taught personally by Dojunim and Master Dorsey. Master Zwieg considers Dojunim Ji and Master Dorsey as his main teachers in Sinmoo Hapkido. Master Zwieg now resides in Fort Worth, Texas  where he still trains and teaches Sinmoo Hapkido daily.

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